Real Life Learning for Real Life Living

Have you ever tried to overcome struggles with your relationship, money, building confidence, healthy living, or even home organization and thought to yourself...

"Why didn't they teach us this in school?"

In our industry we hear this all the time!|

We decided to take the most practical and requested information we use in our practices and created an online group coaching program to give you exactly that:

Real Life Learning for Real Life Living


The Life University's purpose is to offer you a self-paced, all encompassing online life coaching program, with action steps that will give you an opportunity to know yourself on a deeper level, become more well rounded, make deep and meaningful connections with new people, and gain the ability to create the life you deserve. 

The intention of this program is to fill in the gaps of the REAL LIFE SKILLS, STRATEGIES, and TOOLS you wish were taught in school!

Topics like relationship strategies, stress management, self-development, nutrition, practical communication, budgeting, parenting strategies, home and family management and so much more.

Life University is a program that offers individuals the opportunity and road map to authentic living. In Life University, you may earn your Life Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees by creating, working on and finishing action steps to meet the life degree requirements.

Real Life Learning for Real Life Living

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The content and program we are offering you here would normally cost you about $270 a month to experience in a 1:1 Counselling/Coaching setting. Plus at least an additional $500 for the resources, information, and program that this offers you!

We feel everyone deserves to be able to access our services so we have created this online program and community at a price everyone can afford!


Only $49/month for 3 months!

Life University Degree