Welcome to the Wellness Centre

Here you can find some of the best wellness products that I trust and will recommend to anyone.

There are a variety of items - some I make, some I sell, and some are simply recommendations of other’s work that help us through challenging transitions and improve our overall wellness. Take a look through and purchase via the link or contact me for any questions you may have.

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Essential oil bracelets

Combine wellness and fashion with a special lava bead essential oil diffuser bracelet for you or for someone you cherish. Choose an in-stock item or request a custom bracelet with the stones, colours or charms of your choice. Contact me to pick one up in Airdrie for only $25! View our Etsy store to find available options or order with free shipping.

TLW Guide for Your Wellness Journey

wellness journals

Are you determined to improve your wellness? Receive direction with our brand new wellness journal! It includes the guided development of your goals and a daily journal section to reflect on the progress of your journey. Buy some for friends and family and work together to encourage one another. Contact me to pick one up in Airdrie for only $15 or buy it through our Etsy store to get it delivered to your door.

essential oils

Harnessing nature’s most powerful elements, doTERRA pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. As a wellness advocate for doTerra, I would love to help you stock your home with these amazing products or provide more information about how they make life better!


Tammy’s Favourite Wellness Books

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