Wellness Events

Prioritize your wellness and participate in an event that brings you peace and joy. Whether you prefer a quiet retreat to recharge, an experience where you can connect with like minded women or an exciting evening with friends, events and workshops are always being designed to encourage your journey towards increased wellness and happiness. If you would like to suggest something new, just contact us!

book a custom wellness party

Choose a date that works well for you and keep it comfortable! Invite your girlfriends, drink some wine, make custom aromatherapy bracelets, learn tips & tricks on how to create a life balance and more.

Don’t worry about anything. We will take care of all logistics, planning, materials and will create a unique event for you and your friends!

Would you like to learn more? Contact us!

Mindful Wellness Workshop b

participate in one of our scheduled events

We regularly co-host a Lava Bead Essential Oil Bracelet Wellness Event where participants get to create their own wellness bracelet, learn about and sample essential oils and how to incorporate meditation into their daily wellness practice. Check if we have one scheduled or follow us on social media for announcements about upcoming events!

For an extended opportunity for rejuvenation, attend one of our wellness retreats to pamper yourself and receive guidance for your journey towards a happier life!

Mindful Wellness Workshop