Creating life balance

Every individual is different and has different needs and challenges. Together we will design a plan specifically for YOU.
As a life coach who is also a qualified and experienced counsellor, I am well-equipped to help guide you towards a more fulfilling life.

Life Wellness Coaching

We will work together to refocus you on the changes you want to make. We will identify goals, design a plan to accomplish these goals and instill dynamics of accountability. Success and wellness is our mantra!

Counselling you through life transitions -Separation and Divorce, postpartum, career change, work/life balance or mental stress

Through talk therapy, I will offer a listening ear, a neutral safe place, feedback, reflections and thought provoking ideas to assist you with whatever issue/concern you may be facing.

Wellness Workshops And retreats

Offering a variety of wellness workshops and retreats for women, mom, wives to help them to focus on themselves, find themselves again and connect with other women. 

Organization Consulting services

To help you create work-life balance I will also help you organize your bedroom, living room...any room you feel needs a makeover so that you can free up the mental and physical clutter in your home! 


Are you interested? Ready to take the next step?

1.    The first step of this process begins by filling out the form below. Feel free to include any information you
might think is pertinent, including details regarding your current situation, what you are looking for, and any questions
you might have. I respond to all emails within 48 business hours.

2.    I will assist you to put together a plan outlining the goals you want to reach, and the actions we can take together
to help you reach those goals.

3.    We will begin the process as soon as you are ready and available. Feedback and suggestions
will be offered if need be throughout the process. A maintenance plan will also be incorporated so you can better stay
on track once we are done with our time together.

4.    No matter who you are or where you live, I can help you regain control of your life. So let’s get started!


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